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We saw in the third book of the adventures of the little Iul: "Journey to the discovery of Giotto" like architecture began to make his way in painting. The palaces, churches and the hilly landscapes, were put in proportion to each other. 
But what is the ratio? 
Imagine being in Egypt in front of one of the pyramids at Giza and we want to have their picture taken next to it; if we are just beside, we will result very small, a dot unrecognizable.  
This is because we are ájust put in proportion to the pyramid: we have a height, the pyramid another height. 
To do so on a sheet will understand how the pyramid is high, there is no other way than to draw it so that it fills almost the entire sheet in and out all the rest; this will give the right impression of how are the architectural constructions actually. 
If we want our face stands out well, we have to be very far from the pyramid (of several meters), ábut very close to who makes the pictures.  
The extent of the pyramid is exactly the same on paper, but we appear more larger because we are seen up close. 
Falsi d'Autore Giulio Romano