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Discover the characters of the world of IUL, THE LITTLE PAINTER 
He's the protagonist of every adventure. His name is Iulius, but everyone calls him Iul. His dream is to become a talented painter and to do this, enter in the school of the great Raffaello Sanzio. There, he met Giulio, also him a  pupil of master Raphael and they quickly become best friends. together they will learn drawing, painting in tempera, oil, fresco, and various other artistic techniques. 
Raffaello is the painter who Iul estimate more. Precocious artist, he painted his first fresco when he was eight years old, and when he was seventeen, he became master.  Raffaello has created many masterpieces, becoming famous for his portraits and the beautiful Madonnas. Generous with his disciples, Raffaello is the ideal master for those who wish to become excellent artists. Iul will be able to meet him and to be accepted in his school of artists. 
Giulio Pippi is the most talented student in the school of Raphael. He will be the first to make the acquaintance of the little Iul just arrived in Rome and soon he will become his inseparable friend. Sweet-tempered and cheerful, he's the ideal friend for everyone. He's the youngest of his comrades. 
Michelangelo Buonarroti is a great sculptor who painted the Sistine Chapel in St. Peter's Basilica, a few meters from the Vatican Rooms, where Raphael worked. Gruff and short-tempered, he does not get along with anyone, much less with Raphael and his students. 
Leonardo da Vinci is a great Renaissance genius highly respected by Raphael, who was able to meet him in Florence before moving to Rome. He could do just about anything! He was a painter, engineer, musician and inventor of the strangest machines that were used from the kitchen to the battlefields, but were so numerous and diverse that it is impossible to list all! Leonardo studied hydraulics, architecture, cuisine and more, always in a constant search for innovations in every field! The little Iul has not yet had a chance to shake his hand, but he heard the teacher tell amazing stories about him and waiting anxiously to meet him. 
Zefirin is the angel of Iul. He allowed him to reach Raphael and Giulio in Rome in 1510 to learn everything there is to discover about painting. He always follows Iul and  appears for the first time when Iul calls him because he needs his help.  
Francesco is the blond boy that Iul sees from behind, intent to paint, when he was  just arrived in Rome. He was born in Florence and he is a good friend to everyone, but he has a stormy relationship with Giulio and often the two boys argue, all away after they always make peace. 
Giovanni Nanni native of Udine, comes to Rome as Iul and Francesco, just to become a pupil of Raphael. Of calm and helpful nature, gets along with everyone. It 's the oldest among his comrades and for this reason the teacher gives him  frequently responsibilities.  
Came as his companions to Rome to become a pupil of Raphael, Polidoro is the most animate among his comrades. A few years older than Giulio, even the most messy, he has a very good heart. He loves to play and enjoys playing jokes on everyone.  
Alessandro born in Rome, he knows Giulio since childhood and became a pupil of Raphael shortly after him. He love study of art and always wants to know more about everything. Often fights with Polidoro, too playful for his taste.  
Falsi d'Autore Giulio Romano