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On this page you will find lots of good advice by the great Raffaello Sanzio (the Iul's master). 
Below you will find ten tips to make a good drawing. 
Also follow the lessons in the section: LET'S LEARN TO DRAW WITH IUL, they united to suggestions that you will find on this page, you will become increasingly good at drawing gradually. 
1) Before you start drawing make sure you have everything you need at hand: a sketch pad, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, one or more pencils. 
2) Use only completely white sheets, without either rows or squares. 
3) Never be in a hurry to finish, the more you try to hurry up and you make mistakes. 
4) Hold the pencil always tempered, the thin tip is important, especially if you have to make thin lines (such as the basics lines which then are deleted). 
5) The pencil dirty your hands often, so remember to wash them frequently or you will risk soiling your design. 
6) Make always all freehand drawings, without the help of ruler or compass. 
7) Don't push the pencil on the paper, otherwise if you are wrong and you have to delete the row, you also will see the sign on the paper. 
8) Redo again the same drawing (freehand), so you can see your progress and correct any flaws that you did in your first attempt. 
9) Make at least one drawing a day, even just a little sketch, just to exercise the hand movement with a pencil. 
10) Establish before starting the drawing, if you plan to color it or not; if you care very much a drawing with pencil, with many signs and thick lines for light and shade, it is better after not color it; but if you want to color your drawing with crayons, drawn with pencil only of very thin lines and used crayons for thick lines. 
Raphael will return soon to give you lots of useful tips on art, stay tuned, the little Iul and his friends are waiting for you. 
Falsi d'Autore Giulio Romano