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In this first lesson we will learn to draw: a square, a rectangle, a circle, a triangle, an oval and a half circle; by combining these shapes you can make many drawings as houses, boats, animals, trees, etc. 
But let's start from the beginning. First, always remember to do the drawing exercises freehand, without the help of the ruler or compass. No matter if at the lines are not perfectly straight, only with a little practice you will be able to have good results.  
To make a square just do a "L" 
and then another "L" but this time upside down. 
Joining together will come out a perfect square. 
Now we make a rectangle. The rectangle is like a square only more elongated; the procedure is the same for the square: you do before an "L" with a long side, 
Now you make another "L" stretched upside down 
and here is a perfect rectangle. 
Now we learn to draw a circle; first do a semicircle 
and then you make another semicircle on the other side 
Combining these two halves together will come out a perfect circle. 
Now we make a triangle, you need to first make two crooked lines, so that they form a curtain, 
Then you add a line at the bottom and there you have a perfect triangle. 
Now onto the oval. The oval is a circle only stretched, as if it had been crushed on the sides and to draw it, the procedure is the same for the circle. It draws the first half 
then the other half 
and blending them together you will get a perfect oval. 
At the next lesson with Iul. 
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