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In this lesson Raphael explains at Iul how to paint with: the tempera colors! 
The tempera colors are among the easiest to use. At first it may seem difficult, but soon they will discover all the advantages compared to the colored pencils and watercolors. 
First, the tempera colors are mixed together and you can create endless variations of colors, plus they are very opaque. If you are wrong unlike crayons or watercolors, corrections in most cases are not seen. Less water is put on and the temperature is more dense and opaque, ideal not only for the corrections also to mark the outlines of the design and the final finishing.  
It is recommended before switching to the color of a work, to become good painter, follow the drawing lessons: LET' LEARN TO DRAW WITH IUL. 
First you need to learn how to mix the colors together. 
It only takes 5 jars of paint in tempera to perform all colors namely: 
Now we mix together to make other colors: 
-If we combine the black with the white, 
we can get many shades of gray, darker if you put a little white, 
or more clear if you put a little black. 
-If we combine the white with the red  
We get pink, darker if we put a little white 
and clearer if we put a little red. 
-If we combine white with blue 
we get the blue, darker if we put a little white 
and clearer if we put a little blue. 
-If we combine the yellow with the red 
we get orange 
and if we add white to orange we get the "skin color", the color that is used as a base to paint the faces and the bodies of the figures human. 
-If we join the red with the blue 
we get the bordeaux. 
-If we combine the yellow with the blue 
we will get the green, darker if we put little yellow 
and clearer if you put little blue. 
The possibility of creation of various colors are very many. 
At the next lesson with Iul, the little painter. 
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